How to Make A Perfect Cheesecake? Tips for Making Perfect Cheesecake

Tips No. 1 : Ingredients must be cool before mixing
Prepare all the required ingredients for making a cheesecake and let them cool to room temperature before mixing.
Cream cheese must be soften before mixing. For each bar of cream cheese, you can microwave it at high temperature for 15 seconds. Wait for it to cool before mixing.
Tips No. 2  : Use spring form pan to bake the cheesecake
Since turning the cheesecake upside down will break it easily, a spring form pan will allow you to remove the bottom of the pan from the sides easily when the clamp is released.
Tips No. 3 : Use a conventional oven instead of convection oven.
For perfect cheesecake baking, a conventional oven is a better choice than a convection oven. Convection oven’s forced hot air cause too much browning and normally causes the center of the cake collapses.
Tips No. 4 : Gradual cooling to avoid cheesecake cracking
 When the baked cheesecake is cooked in the oven, a sudden drop in temperature will cause the cake to crack.  To avoid such problem, ensure that the cheesecake is cooled down gradually. There are several ways to do this :
1.    After turning the oven off, keep the cake in the oven but keep the oven door slightly open by placing a spoon between the oven and its door, so that the heat from the oven escapes slowly, thereby allowing the cake to cool down slowly.

2.    After removing the cake from the oven, without removing the cake from the pan, place it on a wire cake rack to allow even cooling from all sides. Place the cake beside the oven so as to allow the residue heat from oven to slow down the cake cooling process.

3.    After removing the cake from the oven, invert a bowl over the cake and let it cool down slowly.

After the cake has cooled down for 10 minutes or more, to separate the cake from the edge of the pan, run a warmed knife or narrow spatula around the edge of the cake, in an up down sawing motion. You can warm the knife with warm water and dry it with a piece of cloth. This careful handling approach will avoid the cake from cracking as you remove it from the pan.

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